Kelowna Bee Keeping Courses

Welcome to Bees Incorporated, nestled in the middle of the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. As Queen producers we have always been committed to a natural, chemical free, open mated bee breeding system.

We only breed from our tried and tested “VICTORIAN” survivor stock, thus retaining the positive genetic pool, which has proved itself in the cooler Okanagan temperatures.

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Kelowna bee keeping courses




Beekeeping Courses

Beekeeping Courses for 2015.

We are pleased to announce that the demand for Beekeeping Courses during the 2014 year, was overwhelming even to the extent that all the courses offered were all fully booked. The calibre of students at all course levels was of a very high standard, with most of the students now busy keeping bees of their own and showing excellent results. The most popular course was the beginners  basic beekeeping  course that was made up of six hours of instruction in the laboratory and four hours of practical application in our teaching bee yard. Protective equipment was always supplied for the Field Work. Due to the practical nature of this course, class sizes had to be restricted.


The first course will as always be a beginners course and will be presented on the 21st and 22nd of March 2015.(This course is now fully booked) We will however be running the same course on the 28th and 29th of March(This course is also fully booked) The next course date that still has places available, is on the 18/19th of April.  The courses will be presented in Kelowna BC. Please keep in mind that all course members automatically become members of the BBC (Backyard Beekeepers Club) and therefor enjoy discounted pricing on equipment and bees.

Once again your ongoing interest in bees and beekeeping is always appreciated and thank you for a wonderful 2014 season.

2015 Beekeeping Classes

The classes and courses that are offered each month starting in March and going through to November 2015, are grouped to allow students to select a class or classes according to their  previous knowledge or expertise.

One of the many comments from the students

“Surpassed my expectations, a  fantastic practical session that  convinced me that I was ready to get started with my own bee colony” Jason. F.

For more information, please contact us and let us know what course type you would be interested in. We will then forward a curriculum and registration details.

Class sizes are restricted due to the practical nature of the course and courses could be modified to suit differing levels of expertise.

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The Famous “Victorian” Queen Bee

kelowna beekeeping courses

All our processes are natural, just as nature wanted it to be

After many years of cross breeding from selected survivor stock, together with stringent field testing and peer evaluation, we feel that we have a Queen Bee that will perform well in our current beekeeping conditions. Especially in the harsher Canadian climate.

We ensure all our virgin queens (in the four frame nucleus hives) have access to a huge number of drones (in the three supered hive). This closed mating yard produces queens from April through to September. All our processes are natural, just as nature wanted it to be.

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Kelowna bee keeping courses