Kelowna bee keeping courses


Once again we are pleased to offer our sought after specific plant species honey, all of which come from plants growing  here in KELOWNA BC. Thank you for supporting your local Beekeeper, the rapidity with which our honey is purchased is proof of your satisfaction.

The honey comes to you directly from the hive with minimal intervention from us. For example, we do not use smokers when working our hives and our bees are always foraging in chemical free environments, you are therefore getting your honey as nature intended.

The following honey will once again be  available, starting the end of July 2024 Please note that our Mock Orange, Wild Flower and Basil honey  are the most popular and stocks are always rapidly sold out.

CATNIP HONEY (A NEW PRODUCT) An abundance of catnip blooms this season allowed us to harvest this honey for the first time. Check the many benefits of using this honey on a daily basis. SOLD OUT

FIREWEED HONEY from the fire ravaged Okanagan Mountains.

MOCK ORANGE HONEY from the Cedar Creek Valley.

BASIL HONEY from the Lower Mission farm. This is the most sought after honey and is the first to be sold out.

MULTIFLORA HONEY  This honey is a mix of two or more monoflorals.This year was the first time we have had Milkweed honey, a lovely dark red robust honey, present in our Multiflora Honey.

MOUNTAIN WILDFLOWERS. This honey has a delicate lingering taste. SOLD OUT

HONEY FROM THE VINEYARD. Honey from hives placed on the Summerhill Organic Winery Estate. This honey has a distinct, soft, nutty taste.

Please note that although many of our customers have claimed beneficial health related results from taking some of the above honey, we do not make any such claims other than honey is a wonderful natural food product.

Jar sizes available:  500, 250 and 125ml

To place an order please go to our Contact Us page.

Kelowna bee keeping courses