Kelowna bee keeping courses


What do we do now?

What do we do now?

Knowledge is a wonderful thing in that it brings about understanding and the resultant appreciation of what Life and the World has to offer.
Beekeeping offers opportunities for all age groups. The rewards are endless, but most importantly, working with the busy little bees just never fails to amaze you.

Should you be interested in learning more about bees and beekeeping, then feel free to check on our upcoming courses.

The Courses for the Spring of 2022 are posted below. Various courses will be presented each month starting on the 26th of March and the last course will be at the end of August. Should you have a special course request then let us know.

Learning Options:
A: Adult Beginners Courses. (5 hours in the laboratory and five hours in the teaching Apiary #36486)

B: College level -Continuing Education.(KLO Campus)

C: School Classroom presentations. ( We come to your school)

D: Practical Field Work (Lower Mission Teaching Bee Yard)

E: Microbiology,biochemistry and IPM, to Bee Masters level. These courses have entry requirements as well as a minimum of one year of recorded practical beekeeping experience. These courses follow the BBKA Curriculum, Modules 1-8.

To reserve a spot for any course, please call (250) 764-1825 or e-mail:

Kelowna bee keeping courses